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Information Insights

Meaningful business insights​

In delivering quality reporting tools specific to the automotive market for well over 25 years, we have come to understand that by being able to deliver intuitive information “beyond the page”, we can empower the entire management structure to interact with their staff, inform and interpret their domains, in better ways that are mission-critical to taking their Departmental performance to the next level.

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While CDS have an impressive suite of technology-based products to help our clients quickly identify performance gaps, it is our Business Consulting and Training Services division that enables in-dealership support with the development and implementation of practical corrective action plans.


Our past experience helping dealerships at the 'cold face', suggests that typically most problems can be traced back to the following four key areas of their business. Namely: Leadership, People, Process, Systems and Facilities.


We collaborate openly and transparently with multiple stakeholders, to gain and share valuable insights into all the operational roadblocks that need to be addressed.


Performance Development Initiatives  
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With significant in-house SaaS software design and development capabilities, CDS is uniquely placed to develop and implement tailored software solutions for a wide range of automotive business applications.


Our existing client base includes a number of third-party high-profile vendors, that also rely heavily on our intimate understanding of existing dealer management systems and our proven ability to support initiatives with five-star aftersales support.   


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