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In The Know (ITK)

Superior technology that tracks and manages departmental and dealership performance

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ITKonline elegantly scales from department to dealership to dealer group to OEM / Distributor with ease; allowing all stakeholders in the relevant space to review, analyse and understand exactly what is happening in the business.

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In The Know (ITK) has earned its place as the industry standard for Dealership Management reporting since its inception in the early 1990s.


Borne out of a repeated necessity for dealers to better track and manage the performance of departmental and dealership performance, ITK was initially developed as a reporting tool in Excel to empower Financial Controllers with the ability to deliver the most important message to the stakeholders in the business.

ITKonline is an entirely online experience that outperforms any excel based modelling delivering an intuitive user experience to the entire management chain allowing information to be sliced and diced in ways never previously conceived.

As an accumulation of industry best-practices in financial reporting, In the Know enjoys industry wide recognition as the leader for financial reporting for the Automotive Marketplace.


ITKonline has been engineered to deliver a fully-fledged interactive online version to put the tools directly in the hands of the end-user.


As an intuitive Business Intelligence reporting model, ITKonline is feature-rich with many tools that allows the end-user to drill, chart, analyse and review every aspect of the business in this interactive experience.


ITKonline empowers the entire management team with the tools to become better managers, and largely relieves the Financial Controller of the burden of fielding questions when it comes to reviewing the traditional printed matter, and understanding the meaning behind the Key Performance Indicators.

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