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Important Notice!!!
Planned outage this Sunday 21st July, 2024.

Please note that we are performing an important upgrade to our services this Sunday starting from 5am. 


We cannot be certain of exactly how long the updates will take, but have earmarked midday as a reasonable amount of time to complete the changes.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and please feel free to contact us should there be any issues.

At CDS we won't attempt to get you to visualise our story; we help you visualise yours.

​​For over 25 years, Complete Dealer Services (CDS) has developed tailored platform-independent solutions for dealerships, dealer groups and distributors (OEMs) alike.​


In today's competitive business environment we integrate the latest and greatest technologies to deliver industry-specific tools and services for interpreting and organising your enterprise-wide information. 


This in turn greatly expedites the delivery of critical information helping you make more informed and timely business decisions and empowering you to adjust to the ever-changing business climate helping you maintain that competitive advantage.

Your data is transformed into meaningful analytics in our user-friendly, market-driven analysis applications and solutions engineered to your needs. Simply, effortlessly, expertly.

Allow us to meet and even surpass your requirements, form a strong and lasting relationship with you, and provide you with local and superior support.

The possibilities are endless.

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Business Intelligence

Do you need to quickly evaluate, review and deliver consistent and accurate financial management reports potentially from multiple data sources?

Organise and Access information across your organisation and beyond, optimise internal processes and maximise your financial performance management.


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Advertise Stock

Weary of uploading individual vehicle information to numerous internet sites?

OVU consolidates and streamlines your vehicle advertising and simultaneously sends information to all major Australian car sales sites, including your own. 


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Sales Management

Looking for a better way of tracking vehicle orders, stock reporting and sales analysis?

BTW delivers an integrated real-time position solution for your New, Used, Finance, Insurance, Warranty, and Aftermarket sales divisions.



Let us show you how


Speak to our expert team at CDS to consult and construct end-point solutions specific to your needs and not the other way round. We offer best of class outcomes across cloud-based platforms. Our tailored solutions help you make critical and timely business decisions, respond to changing conditions and maintain a competitive advantage.


Our focus on all things reporting for over 25 years is expertly engineered into our adaptable solutions, the culmination of which has resulted in the industry’s most comprehensive platform available today.


Dealerships, dealer groups and OEMs just like you have enjoyed uninterrupted Management Reporting experiences due to the system-independent nature of our offering. Any technology choices you or your dealers may make are consistently accommodated.


Our reporting tools morph with your business to remain completely relevant. As a witness to unprecedented change in the automotive marketplace, our data management is designed to easily accommodate new models, brands, departments and even dealerships seamlessly.

Our services

Taking your business to the next level.

CDS provides you with market knowledge, best practices as well as an information deployment environment that collectively takes advantage of the data locked in existing IT framework(s), and delivers reporting mechanisms that will empower management to understand business in new and more meaningful ways.

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Performance Development Initiatives  

With significant in-house SaaS software design and development capabilities, CDS is uniquely placed to develop and implement tailored software solutions for a wide range of automotive business applications.


Our existing client base includes a number of third-party high-profile vendors, that also rely heavily on our intimate understanding of existing dealer management systems and our proven ability to support initiatives with five-star aftersales support.   


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While CDS have an impressive suite of technology-based products to help our clients quickly identify performance gaps, it is our Business Consulting and Training Services division that enables in-dealership support with the development and implementation of practical corrective action plans.


Our past experience helping dealerships at the 'cold face', suggests that typically most problems can be traced back to the following four key areas of their business. Namely: Leadership, People, Process, Systems and Facilities.


We collaborate openly and transparently with multiple stake holders, to gain and share valuable insights into all the operational roadblocks that need to be addressed.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Dealer Groups




Dealer Departments


Recorded Vehicles Sold over last 12 Months


Dealership Revenue recorded over 12 Months

What our clients are saying
Isuzu Australia Ltd

Isuzu Trucks Australia have used CDS since the early 2000's and we have been delighted in their professional services. 

They are knowledgeable, prompt and courteous and we proudly partner with them to deliver accounting services and benchmarking to our Dealer Network.

Paul Evans, Company Secretary & Business Planning Manager

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