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Behind the Wheel

To drive your business efficiently, you need an easy to interpret dashboard which lays out the vehicle that is your business.

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By adopting Behind the Wheel (BTW) at your dealership or dealer group, you achieve a clear picture of the road ahead and are liberated with the ability to better steer your Variable Operations vehicle to its desired destination.

As a result of observing a vast number of dealerships relying on spreadsheets or even pen and paper to keep track of orders and sales, we saw an opportunity to offer a solution. A solution that successfully marries stock and sales information collected in in-house systems with order information as it is recognised in the business.

In part, BTW is an interactive delivery book that does away with traditional methods for tracking orders and matching that order information to sales further down the track.

Integrate and interact

Deals and ultimately sales recorded in the in-house systems are periodically synchronised to BTW to poulate the delivery book making it possible for the Department Manager to review the Actual Grosses directly against his estimates and resolve queries immediately.

The flexibility intrinsically built into BTW also makes it possible to perform many additional vehicle-related processes that at times requires significant time and effort.

One of the key benefits of BTW is the ability to value add additional information to vehicles after it has been processed by the Accounting Department. It still retains those values calculated in Accounting. So whether it be Floorplan Payouts, Holdback Management, Bonus Recognition or the like, BTW continues to deliver a meaningful picture where the in house system has given up!

Collaborate effort

BTW centralises all delivery details allowing appropriate personnel to access, review and update the status of each and every sale at the click of a few buttons. Gone are the days of double-counting deals and being totally reliant on continuously requesting details from management so that you can keep track of the progress of the variable operations of the business. Because of BTW's marriage of both hard (deliveries) and soft (orders, F&I, Bonuses, Holdback) transactions, it is an invaluable tool that goes beyond a Delivery Book by also offering Stock and Sales Analysis.

BTW is about streamlining processes. It does this by linking a delivery book to your in house system stock and sales information your F&I Incomes and your After Market and Extended Warranty expectations. What was once difficult information to match and combine now becomes available at your fingertips. Whether the original vehicle transaction is captured on your main in-house system or not, BTW offers the choice of picking up that information or it can allow the management team to record the orders as they are placed.


reporting abilities

There are limitless reports available within the reporting facility based upon the results of queries and subqueries. The extension of this facility is that the reporting can go well beyond the Sales Activity report.


With the availability of all vehicle information (including sold, in stock and ordered vehicles), it is possible to perform queries and reports based upon all combinations whether you are trying to achieve a "Stock Suitability" or "Gross by Price Range" analysis by example.


Direct access to the data is also possible by creating links back to Excel Spreadsheets and Word Documents in a straightforward manner. This opens up an unlimited number of possibilities.

Want to know more about BTW that helps you with your everyday reporting needs?

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