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Performance Development
Initiatives (PDI)

The business dashboard for real-time reporting

Connecting Dots

Knowledge at your fingertips

With extensive experience in data base technologies and report generating tools, CDS is in constant demand from dealerships and third-party vendors; to assist them in dealing with the complexities of capturing, sharing and understanding their transactional, operational and financial data in “real-time”. 



Our team of in-house CDS programmers are highly skilled and capable of working on different technology platforms to ensure that integrations with existing dealer management systems will not be an issue.


With the growing importance of dealerships needing to proactively track and improve sales and service CX to ensure they meet their franchise obligations in relation to CSI, NPS or CVP; it has encouraged a number of clients to “dip their toe in the water” before embarking on more sophisticated development projects with CDS. 


When it comes to creating online business dashboards that capture information from multiple sources and allow manual amendments to rolling forecasts, CDS is uniquely positioned to make this a reality for you. 

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